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Welcome to Virtual Learning! Please use the mascot/logo below to contact FC Virtual Learning if you have any additional questions. Please include your child's name, grade, and school in all email correspondence. Please check your email regularly for updates and information.

Thank you so much for your commitment to your child’s education.  We look forward to working with you!

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Clark Memorial Elementary School
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Franklin County High School
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For technical or chromebook issues, please call the

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First, you can only access a Google Classroom with a student's school email address.  If you weren't able to get in, you were probably trying to access the link from your own email address.  The emailed task was sent to students and the Google Classroom had to be logged into from that email address.  Parents were also sent the information so you would be aware of what was sent to your student. Sorry  for the confusion.  
Next, kindergarten students and those who are new to the district will not be able to access the Google Classroom until they receive a school email address.  Schools are getting these students entered into the database, but it will take them a few days to finish.  We will get those email addresses to you as soon as possible.  Don't worry about not being able to access Google Classrooms until you receive those.  Usernames and passwords for chromebooks are also generated in this way and will take a few days to receive.
If your child does not know their username and password to access their chromebook, you can contact the school or email us.
No virtual learner will be counted absent unless they do not complete assignments by the end of the week of August 17 when everyone should have a chromebook and an actual assignment from their teacher.  These initial assignments are to let us know that everyone has a device, has access to tutorials, knows how to enter a Google Classroom, and can access Clever.  All of those things are necessary to be successful with virtual learning. 
Now that everyone is successfully registered for virtual learning here is some additional information about the framework of the program. Each grade level group brings its own unique needs and challenges. Everyone is working very hard to meet the needs of all students, virtual learners and in-person students, and keep our virtual learners in close alignment with those in-person students. While Franklin County schools will do all we can to support your learning from home experience, it will also take dedication from your family to make it successful.
Virtual Learning Framework

Every classroom teacher will be assigned both virtual and regular learners.  Your child will be assigned to their regular class in their home school. This will make transitioning back to brick and mortar classes easier should you choose to send your child back to school. 

  • The Google Classroom program will be used to deliver instruction and assignments. The classroom teacher will provide each student with a link to his or her Google Classroom.  The teacher may create videos giving instruction, assign projects, textbook assignments, etc.  The iReady, Reading Eggs, Study Island, and Exact Path online programs will also be available.  Each student will access these on-line programs through Clever. Your child's teacher will also meet with students via Zoom or Google Meet at least one time per week.  
  • While you may try to contact a teacher during their planning time, at least one teacher per grade will have virtual office hours to assist parents and students with grade level material after school hours.  Homework Hotline and a cohort of the University of the South education students will also be available for homework help and tutoring.     
  • Elementary students will be divided into small “campfire groups” and will participate in a weekly Google Meets or Zoom meeting with their group.  They will complete an activity that will allow them to interact and socialize with other virtual learners in their grade at their school.  
  • Attendance will be calculated by the completion of assignments.  Attendance will be calculated and monitored on a weekly basis.  You will be able to check on your child’s attendance in the Skyward student information system.  
  • Your child’s teacher will provide some form of instruction, assign work, check work for understanding, and give feedback to students.  These assignments will align with the work being completed in the traditional classroom setting. All grades will be entered in Skyward by the teacher and can be reviewed by parents and students.
  • A virtual learning page with all resources is being created and will be shared with you.  It will include tutorials on how to use all necessary programs and the chromebook.     
  • Parents who have chosen to have their child/ren do Virtual Learning may pick up Chromebooks and all required documents from their home school.

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