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Board of Education building

2024 Recognition Banquet

Rachel Shields

Rachel Shields has been announced as the Secondary Curriculum and Instruction Supervisor!

Dr. Holman is confident in Mrs. Shields' ability to lead with confidence, professionalism, and integrity. Her work as an educator in the

Franklin County School District is greatly appreciated and valued. From her passion, professionalism, and growth mindset, our teachers

and leaders will continue to gain knowledge and leadership characteristics she has to offer. Mrs. Shields will be replacing Mrs. Harrell,

who has led the secondary CI Department to many notable recognitions across the state. Mrs. Shields will begin July 1, 2024.

Additionally, she will have the opportunity to work with Mrs. Harrell to foster a smooth transition for our district.

Proud to be a Reward School

Congratulations to Cowan Elementary, North Lake Elementary and Sewanee Elementary

for being identified as a Reward School by the State of Tennessee for the

2022-2023 school year!