ESP Information - Reopening

Will  ESP reopen when school starts in August? 

A decision about reopening ESP would be made after Labor Day. 

Registration for ESP will be determined after some decisions have been made and we know more about the direction of our program.


Let's see how everything goes when schools reopen: Even though the district has a plan to reopen beginning August 5th, a decision about ESP has been postponed until after Labor Day. As always, the priorities are to provide a safe learning environment for all children and staff. District leadership will revisit the reopening plan frequently and regularly communicate any changes that may occur. Flexibility will be important as information related to COVID-19 is constantly changing. Potential short-term and long-term school closure will be based on the level of risk as determined by the district leadership. School closure may also affect ESP's schedule.


Another reason to postpone the decision to reopen ESP is that the DOE and CDC have not updated procedures and guidelines for after school child care. ESP must follow the procedures and guidelines for the  assessment of each child upon arrival, cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting requirements, PPE requirements,  that were previously issued in April. These guidelines are very strict and will incur extra expenditures to the cost of operating the ESP program. Hopefully some guidance from the DOE will be released soon to help our district leadership and school board members in making a decision about reopening.


 The school board has a  work session scheduled in August and will be provided with all of the information available at that time. Then our district leadership and school board members can make an informed decision about the possibility of having an opening date for ESP, postponing the opening, or not to reopen at this time. And as we have learned in these uncertain and unpredictable times even decisions made with the information available at the time can change in an instant. 

I will continue to post updated information for ESP staff and parents.

I am currently working on the ESP registration packet and will post updated documents as soon as possible.  A time for ESP registration will be determined and announced at a later date.

So with all that being said, once ESP registration has occurred and the number registered at each site has been  determined to be at least 15 or more indicating which ESP sites have the numbers required to reopen. 

Please email me know if you have any questions or concerns. I am sorry that I cannot provide more information at this time. Hope all are staying well.

Kim Nuckolls

ESP Coordinator