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Elementary Breakfast - $0
Elementary Lunch - $2.25

Middle & High Breakfast - $0
Middle & High Lunch - $2.50

Reduced Breakfast - $0.00
Reduced Lunch - $0.25

Menus are Subject to Change!

A la Carte Items Sold at each School.
Please contact your school's cafeteria for a complete listing.


"USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.” 


                            Smart Mouth Pizza Logo

Smart Mouth Pizza is now being offered at at FCHS, Huntland, North Middle & South Middle. For more information on Smart Mouth Pizza visit their website:


Birthday Celebration

Have a birthday party at school for your child and let us do the work. No baking or running to the store! We do it all for you! Happy Birthday Cupcakes are now available for delivery to your child's class by your school's food service department. Click here for more info or contact your school's cafeteria manager. We'll be glad to help!

Student Wellness Policy

See below for information regarding the Franklin County student wellness policy and assessments.

Folder November Menus (10 Files)
pdf file November 2018 Breakfast K-12
pdf file November 2018 Decherd BIC
pdf file November 2018 Elementary Lunch
pdf file November 2018 FCHS Breakfast Menu
pdf file November 2018 FCHS Lunch
pdf file November 2018 Huntland Lunch
pdf file November 2018 Middle School Lunch
pdf file November 2018 North Middle Breakfast
pdf file November 2018 PK Breakfast
pdf file November 2018 South Middle BIC
Folder October 2018 Menus (11 Files)
pdf file Breakfast - All
pdf file Breakfast - Decherd Elementary
pdf file Breakfast - Franklin County High School
pdf file Breakfast - North Middle School
pdf file Breakfast - Preschool
pdf file Breakfast - South Middle School
pdf file Lunch - Clark Memorial
pdf file Lunch - Elementary
pdf file Lunch - Franklin County High School
pdf file Lunch - Huntland School
pdf file Middle School Lunch
Folder Birthday Celebration (1 Files)
pdf file Birthday_Celebration_Ordering.pdf
Folder Student Wellness Policy (2 Files)
pdf file Wellness Policy
pdf file Wellness Policy Assessments
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